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This website contains information on Robin Hood as depicted in film and television productions together with photographs and information regarding The Robin Hood Festival, The Robin Hood Pageant, Nottingham Castle and more...


Robin Hood Film and Television Guide




Are you trying to track down a film about Robin Hood?  Ever wondered how many Robin Hood films have been made?


The Robin Hood Film & Television Guide aims to provide information about the many media productions focusing on the legend of Robin Hood.  The main overview listing includes details of actors playing the major roles and the year of production to help those trying to identify a particular film.  Illustrations of the lead actors in the role of Robin Hood are included where possible.  Many titles link to a further page with more in depth content and where possible providing links to other fan and official websites. Others are yet to be completed as this is a long term work in progress.  Within the guide there are further sections for films that have featured Robin Hood as a minor character, episodes with a Robin Hood theme from television series, animated shorts and cartoons.  Thank you for all the help, information and suggestions I have received from the many fellow Robin Hood fans out there and to everyone involved in producing these wonderful films, cartoons and programmes for us to enjoy.




Robin Hood Festival

For details of the next Robin Hood Festival held at Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, Edwinstowe, North Nottinghamshire and for a photo gallery of previous years click below.




Robin Hood Pageant

For details of the next Robin Hood Pageant held at Nottingham Castle and for a photo gallery of previous years click below.





Nottingham Castle

Information on visiting the current site, entrance fees, exhibitions; the history of Nottingham Castle; castles used to represent Nottingham Castle in film and tv productions; illustrations and articles from old newspapers and more.






Pages of Robin Hood information and stories that don't fit into the other areas of my website have direct links from here.


Silver Arrow Captions

Why not look through the archive to see some of the photos previously featured and the suggestions received.


World Records set by gatherings of Robin Hoods


Photographs from the Joust at Nottingham Castle on May 1st 2010 by The Knights of Nottingham



For links related to film and television programmes please visit the individual production pages within The Robin Hood Film & Television Guide.  Links provided here are to general Robin Hood sites, those concerned with ballads, historical references, tourist attractions etc.




A small part of my Robin Hood collection in the early days on display at the Harley Gallery North Nottinghamshire

Items from my Robin Hood collection are used to illustrate much of the site, all pictures are of items of memorabilia and are not intended to infringe any original copyright.  If you feel any image on the site is inappropriately used please contact me and I will remove it.

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